Mansted Eco Cotton Crew Midnight

Eco Cotton Crew - Mansted - Midnight

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Waves of beautiful colours  - this 100% cotton knit is gorgeous to look at and gorgeous to wear. It is lightweight - perfect for Autumn - a crew neck, long sleeve T . Fabulous for day or night.

100% Cotton

"our vision is to create every girls favourite knitwear, that goes well beyond season and trends, and we will be most happy when it is totally worn out!"

"colours are vital. our speciality are the vibrant melange colours in lambswool & cotton, where each fibre has multiple colours. we hope to cater for every girls favourite colour. we work as seriously on colour and combinations as we do on the design of the actual knitwear piece."

"yarns are as pure as we can get them, or a mix of pure qualities, in cotton, linen/hemp, wool & yak.
we strive to have qualities that feel soft to the skin."