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Cloudburst Mac - SEASALT - Driftwood

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We really love the rainproof jackets from SEASALT in Cornwall. Quality made from their miraculous, all-natural linen and cotton blend "Tin Cloth". They have been 'tried and tested in horizontal Cornish Rain'! 

This is a stylish mac that is wearable anywhere. The drawstring adjustable hood is removable, the pockets are slanted (for rain proofing) and the cuffs have tabs to fasten against the rain.

SEASALT has been operating in the UK for 40 years and Berrima's Overflow are so delighted to sell them in Australia! SEASALT make beautiful, natural, quality, useful clothing that will last. Their designs and colours are inspired by the wild Cornish landscape and its creative and artistic culture. Quality slow fashion.
  • To keep your Seasalt RAIN® coat performing at its best wash with Nikwax Tech Wash® and reproof with Nikwax TX Direct®


Cool Machine Wash

75% Cotton, 25% Linen

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