About Us at Berrima's Overflow


Natural landscape with long grass and tree

Welcome to Berrima’s Overflow online, a way to reach everyone from everywhere from our beautiful Georgian village of Berrima, NSW.  We are excited to provide you with quality clothing made from Australian Merino Wool and other Natural Fibres.

Berrima’s Overflow is a family business that in some way started generations ago on a sheep property called Talwood Station in south west Queensland.

Childhood memories are of family and remoteness, sheep and dust, big blue skies, flat brown land and vivid orange sunsets. Memories of mustering endless paddocks, the lack of rain, the excitement of shearing time and the delight of looking after orphaned lambs.

In 1991 the wool price collapsed and there were stockpiles of this beautiful fibre. My parents were then living in the Southern Highlands of NSW and my mother, who had worked for Australian designers, Peter Weiss and Carla Zampatti, was determined to help this ailing industry. She opened Berrima’s Natural Australia and curated a collection to showcase the best of Australian Merino Wool. Every garment was grown and manufactured in Australia.

In the early 2000’s, after living and working in London for some time, my young family and I returned to Australia and Berrima’s Overflow opened. Together these two shops provide a wide collection of Australian, and now British made natural fibre clothing – still focusing on Australian Merino Wool.

I spend a lot of time sourcing our stock. First and foremost, finding brands who have a similar mindset and, like us, understand the importance of natural fibres. Not only for the handle, comfort and breathability but because we are happy knowing that our garments come from renewable sources that will biodegrade and leave the earth just as it was before it was made.

Secondly our clothes are "real". Emphasising quality, they are clothes to be worn over and over again, have integrity, are timeless but are never boring. Some are handmade, most are small line production. Many different attributes make them “real” and I probably can’t define it, but I know it when I see it!

I love colour… It can be subtle, or it can be vibrant. Colour can bring excitement or calm and it can change how we feel and what we notice about someone.

And finally, but by no means last, is design. Good design can be oh so simple. The smallest thing can completely change one garment to the next and I attempt to source those garments that are just right and are flattering for everyone…. Oh! And one more thing….  attention to detail, There is nothing like finding and appreciating a tiny detail that is perfectly executed – it makes your heart sing!

I hope that you appreciate what I appreciate and that I can provide you interesting and honest slow, sustainable, ethically produced fashion.

We are a family business and my family welcome you to our store and thank you for visiting.