Mandalay Design's Pomegranate Shirt in pink.
Mandalay Design's Pomegranate Shirt in pink
Mandalay Designs Pomegranate shirt in Pink, quality cotton.k
Mandalay Design's Pomegranate Shirt in pink

Pomegranate Shirt - Mandalay Designs - Pink

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A lovely block print shirt from Mandalay Designs. A fresh print featuring pomegranates in clear colours. This is a fabulous, classic shirt with small pintuck panel at the front. These look great over jeans or white pants or shorts. * Please see photo of the blue shirt for the actual style.

Mandalay Designs comes to us from the Morning Peninsular in Victoria. A beautiful, creative and wearable collection made from quality organic cotton. All ethically handcrafted in India and using only natural fibres and sustainable fabrics, their pieces are timeless, relaxed and elegant. 

We are delighted to introduce you to Mandalay's collection of dresses and shirts for Spring and Summer, we think they will be a perfect for summer fun, summer holidays and summer living!

Cold Machine Wash

100% Organic Cotton